Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Celia and Rana's Artisan Bread Event

Last week I was invited to a great event at The Truscott Cellar in Belsize Park for an event with Celia and Rana's Artisan Bread

For any of you that have been to the Truscott Arms, The Truscott Cellar is the sister pub. They too serve a great selection of Gluten Free dishes, and of course, the beer battered fish bites (using Celia Lager) was a highlight I must admit! If you enjoy the Truscott Arms, head to the Cellar and you won't be disappointed! 

This was however an event for Celia Lager and Rana's Artisan Bread, but all round was gluten free heaven. I don't think I have ever been to a pub and have been able to drink a gluten free beer! I always thought I didn't like drinking beer, but Celia is light and went down far too easily! Why wouldn't you want it in your local pub? You'd be stupid not to. 

Many of you wouldn't have heard of Rana's Artisan Bread, but keep a keen eye out for them! Their mixes are so easy, you literally have to just add water this space for a blog post all about them! 

The bread itself when cooked tastes just like bread. Yes...real bread! I was absolutely delighted to try it and speak to the founders about how the produced such a great mix. 

Their office and factory are 100% gluten free so there is no risk of cross all.   

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