Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Gluten Free Beer...On Tap? Where?!

I have to admit, I am not normally a beer drinker, but recently I have been really into Czch beer Celia. Its light, refreshing, and I now have them stocked in my fridge. Family and friends who have tried it have said 'What is this stuff? Where can I get some?' ...and rightly so! 

Beer drinkers, who can no longer consume gluten say that they miss having a cold pint in the pub. I know what I would be like if someone told me I couldn't have a nice glass of Malbec with my steak. Devastated would be the only word. 

The bottled gluten free beer was an amazing addition to a long line of products now popping up in supermarkets and on menus...why don't we push one notch further? Why not have a gluten free beer on tap? Well that is exactly what Celia have done. 

Why not try Celia, and once you have I promise you will want it stocked in all your local haunts! 

For now, it's cheers from me! 

T :) x

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