Monday, 22 August 2016

Just Because it's Gluten Free

Doesn’t mean it should be any less quality than other ‘normal’ products.
I am fed up of buying gluten free products from many of the UK’s large grocers, and them being of a lesser standard than non-gluten free products you would find on the shelves.
Why should the shelves be stacked less often? Why should  crumpled bread that’s nearly out of date be the only thing that’s available to us?
Nearly every week I shop in Sainsbury’s or Waitrose and the amount of times there has been hardly anything left on the ‘Free From’ aisle is really, really frustrating.
I haven’t shopped in Sainsbury’s Local for lunch for a very long time – but today I did and I regret it! I bought a wrap that seemed full to the brim with filling. As soon as I got it out of the packet, all the filling slipped to the bottom of the soggy wrap, and it was hardly edible – I had to throw it away.
Why should a Gluten Free wrap have less filling?
I can’t tell you my frustration with wasting food – but this was so soggy you could barley hold it let alone consume it! I wasted my money and I am extremely annoyed.
It’s not the poor girl on the checkout’s fault though, or that of poor ‘Sam’ on the end of my twitter rant.
It’s the suppliers who over inflate their pricing for gluten free products and think it’s OK to short change the consumer. Maybe Sainsbury’s need to take a leaf out of Boots’ book.  Their rolls are well filled, with tasty filling – minus the scrimping.
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