Gluten Free? Don't Worry!

Have you just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease? Not sure where to turn? Look no further. 

My name is Tilly, and I have been a Coeliac for nearly 9 years now, and have lived through the evolution of Gluten Free products in London, UK. 

At the beginning, in the dark ages, the only products available were loaves of bread that fell apart as soon as you opened the packet, hard pizza bases and pasta that wasn't worth the time cooking. I hibernated for a long time and lived on fruit veg, meat, and dairy products but found that I was increasingly tired and had no energy to do the things a 16 year old loves doing. 

The only place you could buy products were health food shops (my local was 'As Nature Intended') or get a prescription from the GP and collect your box of gluten free products from the pharmacy. 

Now we are in 2015, many people find the gluten free diet healthier, and so demand has grown for products in popular supermarkets, as well as restaurants. 

I used to be really embarrassed about my condition, but since meeting my boyfriend and his family, they made me feel like I was normal and being Gluten Free wasn't a problem

 I will be writing about all the places I love as a Coeliac, those restaurants that are extremely helpful with allergies, and products I love from various companies/supermarkets. 

Let's just say I get rather excited about new Gluten Free products! 

If you feel you don't know what to do, where to turn, where to buy food, where to eat out, how to cope with on-the-go lunches or have a general pang of stress regarding your new diet, don't worry the secrets will be revealed here. 9 years worth of experience from a young professional constantly on the go goes a long way, especially when you don't know where to start. 

Keep reading, and looking out for yummy picture posts! 

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