Monday, 3 November 2014

Pulsetta Oat Thins

I am a great fan of 'cheese and biscuits' it is almost a tradition in my household after a Sunday lunch to have these as an early evening treat. 

 Pulsetta Oat thins come in 3 great flavours, Crushed Black Pepper, Rosemary and Thyme and Sunflower Seeded. 

I love Pepper, so these Crushed Black Pepper were a perfect accompaniment to strong English Cheddar. I also liked the Rosemary and Thyme thins as a quick snack, on their own, and at only 21 Kcals per thin, they are a great snack to suspend those bouts of hunger. 

Overall I would say I liked them, and would buy the Crushed Black Pepper again. 

They also sell biscuits, which I am looking forward to trying! The Mocha Oat thins are right up my street! Lets hope those too are very low Kcals!

You can find the savoury snacks as well as their sweet snacks and breadcrumbs at:

There is also a Location list where you can buy Pulsetta Products:


7/10 these are crunchy and packed full of flavour. Little bits of pleasure and for half thr Kcals of other branded Gluten Free Oak Cakes. :)

***These oat thins were sent to me by Pulsetta to try and test***

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